Logistics Solutions

Fast Efficient Service

Our fleet is capable of moving anything from 1 pallet to 34 pallets to and from destinations effectively and efficiently. Our vehicles are operated by highly trained and experienced drivers.

We carry a range of palletized and oversized loads such as dry products, machinery, timber, furniture and tiles across companies within Melbourne and interstate.

We deliver loads of virtually any size – from several small pallets to larger amounts up to 34 pallets per load – to any Victorian companies within four and eight hours of your initial call. Wherever you need us, we’ll be there for you.

Local and Interstate Services

We provide transport throughout Melbourne and extend our services to companies interstate such as Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and other destinations.

At Protrans Logistics we can assist your business in establishing the most efficient local and interstate supply chain possible by:

  • Providing high-quality transport that delivers on its promise.
  • Cost effective transport that provides experienced carriers, which can minimize the stress and additional cost associated with transport.
  • Leading edge trucks and equipment with customers in mind.
  • Making our customers a priority – offering on-demand service to new and existing customers.
  • We tailor a logistics program that protects your reputation and lifts your customer satisfaction.

No matter what your needs and requirements are, we can provide the solution that’s right for you.

Corporate Responsibility

Our fleet consists of modern first class vehicles with leading-edge equipment to keep up to date with maximum safety. This guarantees that our team satisfaction will remain at a high standard.

The aim of our (COR) Chain Of Responsibility is to make sure everyone in our supply chain shares equal responsibility and ensures breaches of road transport laws do not occur.

Protrans Logistics is more than just a company. We go that extra mile to ensure all our targets are met above and beyond the expected standard. We have our customers in mind as we value their vision and purpose in investing in our services.

Our reliability is read and second to none.

Our Fleet

At Protrans Logistics we have a range of trucks ranging from:

  • Small vehicles (1 tone utilities to 10 pallet rigid trucks) with tailgate lifts – capable of delivering door to door service.
  • Slightly larger vehicles (14 pallet rigid trucks) – for your medium range deliveries that service your Melbourne metropolitan and country deliveries.
  • Larger vehicles (Prime Movers) pulling Single and B-Double trailers anywhere in Melbourne through to Interstate 24/7.
  • We have a range of Curtain Siders and Open Trailers allowing us to carry most items, keep our fleet  and vehicles rolling.

Our trucks are servicing a number of our customers daily with a high reputation that looks to improve and grow every day.

We always put our customers first as we value the products and goods we carry.

Protrans Logistics is a company that won’t let you down and always has a solution for you

Call us today to find out how Protrans Logistics can benefit your company today.


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Business is about great relationships. Find out why Pro Trans is your perfect partner.
Business is about great relationships. Find out why Pro Trans is your perfect partner.

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